Ankara Airport Informational Guide to Ankara Esenboğa Airport (ESB) - Non Official

Ankara Airport Parking

Ankara Airport Parking offers the following parking options: 

Multi-Storey Car Park

This parking lot has a capacity for more than 4,000 vehicles and is located next to the Terminals connected via covered corridors. 


- First hour: TL 17.00

- From 1 to 3 hours: TL 25.00

- From 3 to 6 hours: TL 34.00

- From 6 to 12 hours: TL 42.00

- From 12 to 24 hours: TL 59.00

*Prices are subject to change.

Open Car Park

It is an open air parking lot (with uncovered parking spaces) located just a few meters away from the Arrivals Level. It is the cheapest parking at Ankara Airport.


- First hour: TL 14.00

- From 1 to 3 hours: TL 21.00

- From 3 to 6 hours: TL 29.00

- From 6 to 12 hours: TL 33.00

- From 12 to 24 hours: TL 48.00

*Prices are subject to change.

Valet Parking

It is the most comfortable parking lot, serving the International and Domestic Terminals.

It is opened 24 hours daily and it has staff assistance to pick up and prepare the vehicles when passengers return.

There are 5 valet parking points:

- Two at Arrivals Level.

- Two at Departures Level

- One in front of THY CIP Hall

For passengers that need to park more than 48 hours it is recommended to be subscribed on a suitable term.